Smooth Customs Clearance Services for Hassle-Free International Shipping

Our proficient and skilled team is pleased to offer assistance with your Customs Clearance requirements.

We work with utmost efficiency to tackle any obstacles that may arise during the import or export of goods.

Should you require to import or export any goods or cargo to or from Lebanon, rest assured that we will fulfil your expectations and comply with all regulatory requirements. We also offer comprehensive DDP services for import and export.

We Take Care of Your Customs Clearance!

  • We have a specialized customs clearance team and we provide personalized support and guidance to help you navigate the customs clearance process.
  • We got it all covered; Comprehensive services, including classification of goods, valuation, duty, and tax calculations, and compliance with import/export regulations.
  • Very reduced risks of errors or delays, with thorough review and verification of all documentation to ensure compliance with customs regulations.
  • We minimize the time your goods spend in customs and enable you to meet delivery deadlines.