Safe and Secure Shipping for Sensitive Cargo

As an IATA-certified dangerous goods handler, we strive to comply with regulations for dangerous goods precisely, ensuring proper packaging quality, protection against leakage or damage, appropriate labelling, and classifications.

Dangerous goods such as liquids, batteries, gel, and powder require the meticulous and proficient care of our experienced team, who are equipped to guarantee that your shipment is packed, documented, and transported in a completely compliant, professional, and cost-effective manner.

To proceed, all documents related to your shipment must be sent to us via email at info@mmashipping.com for per-approval.

Why Ship Dangerous Cargo with Us?

  • Customized Solutions: We offer customized shipping solutions tailored to the specific needs of your sensitive cargo.
  • Insurance: We offer comprehensive insurance coverage for your sensitive cargo.
  • Cost-Effective: Despite offering specialized handling procedures and customized solutions, we offer affordable rates and work with you to find the best shipping option that meets your budget and timeline requirements.